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As a U.S.-based web development expert for scale-ups, start-ups and large enterprises, Code 2 SEO leverages cutting-edge web technology and most recent business strategies to develop websites that stand out on the international market. Our track record of excellence with innovative solutions and low-cost web services have allowed us to achieve success across the globe.


You may require an application to manage your website’s content or the eCommerce system to expand your retail company, or a web application designed specifically to your requirements we are here to help.

Web Development for Startups, Scale-ups, and Enterprises:

Code 2 SEO is one of the leading website development companies in the market offers high-end web development and support throughout the process. We offer solutions to our clients of any size, whether small, medium or multinational companies around the world.

1. Startups
Websites are a crucial element of startups. They not only help draw customers in, but also assists in bringing your company into the world of business. With the right solutions and efficient process management by our staff, they is able to assist you in optimizing the costs of your website startup.


2. Scale-ups
The principal objective of a website that is scaled up is to meet business objectives by the goal of increasing sales and establishing an effective online presence that makes your products or services more appealing to customers and increasing customer loyalty. We use the latest technologies for web design to get results that are effective for the long-term success of your investments.


3. Enterprises
Enterprise websites are an essential medium to advertise products and services, as well as innovative concepts. Our company has a wealth of experience in designing, constructing designing, developing and maintaining websites for enterprises and other applications.


Our Methodology

A successful venture depends on the method that helps it move forward. A continuous procedure will lead to more effective results, higher quality and even business growth. Here’s our Web Services Company In USA process which describes the main steps of our collaboration with you:


1. Strategy
Prior to beginning any project, we create a detailed plan which contains a breakdown of the needs, project costs as well as project milestones and timelines, etc.

2. Design
Web design and development team develops an elegant user experience as well as modern web interfaces for each element that is custom and function to increase conversions and enhance your brand’s image. In the beginning we offer suggestions and share past experiences and provide design concepts that allow clients to provide feedback and design the project together.

3. Built
The build phase starts after we have received a confirmation of the designs supplied. Our development team creates your project using a server for development and installs the framework and other relevant systems to construction. Our developers then create a custom front-end web application and add custom admin features. In most cases the access to CMS systems is given to CMS platforms to provide clients with early access to create content.

4. Testing
After project development as well as content integration and feedback, we run through a rigorous pre-launch test program. This is to ensure that the website is user-friendly, efficient and secure across a many platforms and browsers as possible. We look at features like accessibility across browsers and devices, mobile-responsiveness analytics, content optimization and custom scripting and form submission, information collection and so on.

5. Launch
Following the final approval, we make your website live. This means that your website will be moved away from its staging area to be is made available onto the production server.

6. Support
We provide continuous assistance and support for our clients for Web hosting and backups,, and security.

The Reasons There is “NO Risk” Working with Code 2 SEO

1. Presence
Our offices are located at Utah, Salt Lake City, USA; Oslo Norway as well as India

2. Professional Web Design Services
Our web design services assure that we create websites that turn your site visitors into customers.

3. Reliable
With 100% satisfaction with customers, Code 2 SEO becomes an dependable and reliable Web Services Company In USA that provides top web development solutions for your start-ups, scale-ups or large corporations.

4. Skill
Code 2 SEO has a team of creative and skilled professionals who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about the most recent developments in web development.

5. SEO-friendly Websites
Our specially-trained SEO team will work on your website to create a easy to use and search engine friendly to attract users. We pay attention to every little aspect that can help your website to actually bring in leads.

6. NDA
We sign contracts or NDA‘s as well as other necessary documents. Our team is able to handle all legal processes in a smooth method to ensure that there is no any inconvenience for our customers.

7. Pricing
We provide world-class website services We offer a value-based price to all of our customers.

8. Best Modules
We employ the most recent top-of-the-line frameworks to improve security and streamline the web site to enhance the user experience.

9. High Quality
When it is to quality , we don’t compromise. We consider every project individually and finish it with the style you expect.

10. Deadline
Through a systematic process, we don’t fail to meet deadlines and assure the timely delivery of your website, while ensuring high-quality standards.

Our Services

Being the most effective web development firm in the US Our methods remain to be demonstrated in the marketplace , by the promises we make. We offer a broad range services in the field of Web design and Development. solutions that include:

1. Custom Website Development

As a Web Services Company In USA our web services cover front-end as well as back-end development. If you need to improve an existing website or design a new enterprise site our web developers are ready to the task.

2. Progressive Web Apps

The development of progressive web apps is top thing in web app development we are developing. Progressive web apps are able to respond faster than native apps.

3. Open Source Web Development

As a highly successful Web Services Company In USA We are a leader in providing the most current open source development tools around the globe. Our developers make use of the power offered by open-source to create robust and robust web applications.

4. E-commerce Development

Our developers have deep expertise in the field of eCommerce development. As this is why we can offer the top of all e-commerce websites (B2C and B2B) and we also use every kind of shopping cart software and payment gateways on the market.

5. Front-end development services

From consulting to maintenance, and development We develop custom front end full-stack development to create websites that are user-friendly and fulfill your business’s requirements.

6. Backend development services

As a company for backend development located in the US we provide the highest standards of industry practice and flexible principles to develop easily-functional web-based backend solutions that best meet the needs of your business.

7. Website Maintenance

We are a leading Web Services Company In USA that encourages both current and future customers to keep their websites up to date frequently. We track your site, and can redesign your site upon a customer request to be in line with the client’s objectives, and provide immediate technical support.

8. Best Modules

We employ the most recent top-of-the-line frameworks to improve security and streamline the web site to enhance the user experience.




What is the price of building an online presence?

There isn’t an exact solution to that question. Every project is unique and needs different resources. Each website is different and we create and design customized websites to meet your needs. Based on our conversation, we give you with an estimate that is basing on the assessment of your project. But, our pricing is created to accommodate the requirements of scale-ups, startups, as well as large corporations. Contact us to get an exact web development cost estimate.

What are the technologies you employ to develop websites?

We specialize with JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and mongo DB. Frameworks or databases, as well as cloud technologies for a website are selected in accordance with the functionality and complexity of the site.

What is the Web development process function?

Here’s a quick overview of the stages that are involved in the web development process.

  • Consultation & Requirement Gathering
  • Establish a Project Plan
  • Design of Site Mock-ups
  • Create Site Architecture and Database
  • Website Build
  • Website Testing & Launch
  • Support & Maintenance

How can I get involved with Code 2 SEO?

The process starts when you call us with your requirements for the project. Our team will analyze your needs and responds as fast as is feasible. Based on discussions, you are able to pick a design that is most suitable for you.

Is my site optimised for SEO?

If you are a start-up scaling-up, business or corporate websites Our designs are in line in accordance with SEO guidelines. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and will be delighted to provide the necessary information.

Are your website designs premade templates?

Each website we create is unique and designed in accordance to the needs of the business. We do not like to make use of pre-designed templates or themes.

What are the sources you will use to make the website?

Our Web Services Company In USA team are requirement analysts, UX and UI designers Full-stack web developers programmers and quality assurance engineers and many more. The team is under the direction by the manager of projects.

How long will it take to build the website?

The time it takes to develop a website will depend on the amount of work required to build the website. When you’ve set a time frame to meet, we’ll do our best to achieve it, however the speed of any project is determined by the amount of input you give us in the early stages, as well as your availability for comments, content, etc. To give a rough timeframe for your project, we recommend an average of 8-12 weeks to develop a fully functioning website.

Could I take a take a look at my site as the work is going on?

Yes, we’ll give you with access to the server on the internet where the ongoing assignment for the website will be published in stages. We believe in transparency as well as a flexible development strategies, so we would like to hear your ideas at any stage of development.

What are the reasons we should hire Code 2 SEO ?

There are many reasons why we create stunning, cost-effective and robust websites that emphasize the simplicity of our work, and are available 24×7. employing the top web design and development methods, offer professional standards of quality and guarantee on-time delivery of your projects.

After the project is completed Who will be the person who owns that source code?

After the website is completed and delivered You own the source code, and we guarantee full transparency and safety throughout the development.