SEO Packages That Boost Your Organic Rankings, Traffic & Sales!

Are you searching for an cheap SEO packages in India? Code 2 SEO provides affordable SEO packages that are suitable for small to large-sized businesses. Instead of offering an SEO package with a fixed price we offer personalized and affordable SEO services which meet the specific business needs of each customer.

SEO Packages That Increase Website Ranking, Traffic And Sales

SEO services from Code 2 SEO do more than just boost your search engine rankings but also increase your conversion rate, branding visibility and domain authority. Code 2 SEO has been the most reputable SEO company in the USA SEO packages that are always worth the cost. Our SEO packages can help you to get higher rankings in Google results.

From optimization of your website to ranking on keywords, we handle each aspect of SEO to boost your organic traffic quickly.

Our SEO Packages


$199 / Month


$299 / Month


$399 / Month


$999 / Month

Affordable SEO Packages For All Size Businesses From Code 2 SEO

Indian SEO packages offered by Code 2 SEO Technologies are not identical for all types of businesses , because we recognize that when each business is different and SEO packages are not the same for all businesses, be different. This is why we offer customized SEO packages to our customers when they’re looking for specific search engine optimization solutions.

Due to these differences in pricing, because of these differences, Code 2 SEO has classified its SEO pricing into three month-long SEO packages. These are Local Business SEO Package, Small Business SEO Package, and Large Scaled Business SEO Package.

When you use Code 2 SEO You can be confident that you will get the best results from the investment you make in SEO outsourcing services..


What Do Our Affordable  SEO Packages Include?


OnPage SEO Includes

Optimization of the website is the main aspect we pay attention to during any SEO plan for websites. An effective on-page SEO marketing plan can improve websites’ rankings on Google search results in a short time. Check out our SEO on-site process:


Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization professionals of Code 2 SEO perform keyword research to determine the most relevant and appropriate keyword for your products and services through the process of keyword research.
It is an essential component of our SEO process , which aids to achieve a perfect on-page optimization and optimization of keywords for websites. When we conduct search engine optimization and keyword research, our team concentrate on the market that our clients want to target.


Website Audit & Error Removal

We conduct a thorough website audit to discover the weaknesses of the client’s website. We look for the structure of the website and navigation and URL structure, sitemap, website structure robots file optimization, and loading speed of the website to improve the user experience.
These are the most important aspects we consider during our technical site inspection to enhance your site to be more prominent in Google results for search.


Content Audit

A team comprised of SEO experts conducts a thorough content audit to identify areas that need to be improved through the process of content improvement. We review every page and develop a content creation plan and a content optimization strategy to achieve better SEO outcomes.
This aids in editing content and the creation of content that is high-quality. We examine heading tags as well as page titles, keywords density, proximity to keywords as well as keyword prominence, diversification, and many more aspects to enhance the relevance of the content to the audience you want to reach.


Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion is the primary aspect we consider in the course of our SEO campaigns. In order to achieve it, first we speak in detail with the clients to be aware of what is an actual conversion and the importance of this conversion.
We then implement conversion tracking, goal setting and value tracking in Google analytics in our SEO on-page process. This allows our client to determine conversions and assess the effectiveness of our work, as well as website visitors and user behavior.


Competitor Audit

SEO experts also offer detailed review of our client’s competitors to provide a competitive edge to the website. We examine their website’s back building and domain authority strategy to develop a more effective SEO strategy.


Backlink Audit

We conduct a review of the profile of links to find harmful backlinks that may cause harm to the site in the long term and eliminate spam backlinks in the search engine optimization process.


Tool Setup

Code 2 SEO Technologies always make use of the advantages of automated tools that are powerful, such as Google Analytics, Google search console, Google Tag Manager and more to improve, monitor conversions and the traffic on the site. We also created a robots file, sitemap, and sitemap should they not be accessible on the site to aid in achieving more results.


Blog Audit

Our team performs a comprehensive review of the blog to discover the areas that could be improved to improve the effectiveness of the website’s structure. We look for anchor text and internal linking optimization to improve the usability of the site to get better results. We setup social sharing to speed up use of social media for marketing.

OffPage SEO Includes

Offpage SEO is yet another important factor of our SEO advertising strategy. Off-page SEO is also referred to for link-building. Our link building methods are secure and completely white-hat. The team we have assembled of link building experts rigorously adheres to Google guidelines for the creation of backlinks.
Additionally, they concentrate in content marketing to build natural and high-quality backlinks to provide high ranking to the websites of our clients. Quality and high authority backlinks boost your site’s hyperlink profile.


Take a look at Our Link Building Process:

Blogger Outreach

The team identifies bloggers who are who are relevant to the market we serve and work to build backlinks with high top quality content. We provide them with a link to relevant content on our site to return the link.

Content Marketing

Our Experts concentrate on the creation of high-quality content as well as marketing to develop high authority backlinks to blogs, articles as well as press release sites.

Powerpoint Creation And Submissions

The Code 2 SEO incorporates PowerPoint presentations as part of our process for writing articles. We develop impressive presentations to establish a strong online profile and raise recognition.

Local Classifieds

If you’re a local service company, local classifieds can generate quick leads to businesses in your area. Local classifieds make it easier to sell any item or service locally. We offer local classifieds to receive backlinks from top local classifieds sites and to boost lead generation opportunities.

Video Creation

We produce high-quality explainer videos as well as whiteboard animated videos to upload visual content to the web to gain natural backlinks quickly.

Social Media Profile Creations

Social media accounts can boost the reputation of clients’ online presence quickly. If a client has negative reviews or comments on search results, these social media platforms could be extremely helpful in managing online reputation management for corporate clients.

Press Release Submissions

Press releases assist clients to make the event more memorable, such as awards and promotions, etc. Our team is attentive to the specifics of the event, or the program, and then creates an expertly curated infographic that helps to promote the event.

Blog Submissions

Blogs can aid in SEO optimization and help to achieve positive outcomes.  We focus on the optimization of keywords in blog posts to assist in our marketing online efforts.

Why Should You Invest In Affordable  SEO Packages?

This is what a reputable SEO firm can do for you. We all know that users use search engines to locate the product or services they want. If your company isn’t visible and your potential customers aren’t able to not even contact you.