SMO Plan & Pricing USA

Are you looking for SMO packages in the USA ? Code 2 SEO provides affordable (Social Media Optimization )SMO Plan & Pricing USA. SEO for Social Media is an important way to increase the awareness of new services and products across the various channels of social media.

It is basically an unbeatable strategy that allows companies to connect to their intended audience.

What Is Social Media & Why You Should Use It?

It is the best method to create an online community and build trust with your customers. Many people make use of social media platforms today which is the reason why you must also utilize SMO services to aid your business in building an online reputation and social trust. Our SMO Plan & Pricing USA include all the features you require to control and improve your online brand image and trust with social media.

At Code 2 SEO, we believe in providing low-cost but top-quality Social Media Management packages to our customers. This is the reason we offer the three distinct monthly SMO Plan & Pricing USA to assist our clients to improve the trust of their brands on social media.

Our Monthly SMO Packages


$99 / Month

  • No. of Social Media - 5
  • Total No. of Social Posts - 20
  • Custom Images - 20
  • Ad Campaigns - 2
  • Blog Posts - 20
  • Lifetime Subscription


$199 / Month

  • No. of Social Media - 10
  • Total No. of Social Posts - 50
  • Custom Images - 50
  • Ad Campaigns - 4
  • Blog Posts - 50
  • Lifetime Subscription


$299 / Month

  • No. of Social Media - 15
  • Total No. of Social Posts - 150
  • Custom Images - 150
  • Ad Campaigns - 6
  • Blog Posts - 155
  • Lifetime Subscription


$399 / Month

  • No. of Social Media - 20
  • Total No. of Social Posts - 200
  • Custom Images - 200
  • Ad Campaigns - 8
  • Blog Posts - 200
  • Lifetime Subscription

Why Businesses Need Social Media Optimization Packages?

Benefits of SMO Packages

There are numerous benefits to employing social media management programs for small and large business. Review the following SMO packages' advantages and pick one of our SMO Plan & Pricing USA packages to meet your requirements.

Brand Awareness

SMO Plan & Pricing USA Packages assist users to manage and interact with your social media profiles as well as followers. They also help your brand to be more visible to people when they comment, like or share your social media pages.

Professional Management

SMO plans of any professional SMO company will allow users to handle your social media channels professionally. Professional work is assured when you sign up with an experienced SMO firm.

Build Social Media Trust

SMO packages allow the user to manage and connect with your buyers If your social media accounts appear lively, people are more comfortable purchasing from your company. This is the way SMO Plan & Pricing USA can help you build more trust among customers.


If you're an entrepreneur with a small budget, and can't afford an in-house team to oversee your social media profiles professionally, SMO Plan & Pricing USA will help to organize your social media channels to your needs and according to your financial budget.

More Followers

Professional SMO software will allow you to gain followers for your social media accounts quickly, by posting professional content and implementing the most effective social media management strategy to your company.

Maintain The Fan Following

When you begin getting fans on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and you are also concerned about their choices and how they like your page. This is why SMO tools can assist you to keep your followers on the side of your social media pages.

How Do Our SMO Packages Help You?


Our SMO Plan & Pricing USA packages are affordable and efficient to get you what you require at a reasonable price.

Professional Team

We have a team of social media professionals who know how to keep track of the algorithms of social media and build any profile that is truly.

Appealing Graphics

We only share high-quality images and content that conforms to the guidelines of your industry and only to your social media pages to improve engagement with your users.